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Honda Electronics: HS2200



The Honda HS2200 is a portable, high resolution, black and white ultrasound imaging system incorporating the latest technologies available into an economical, user-friendly package for mixed practice. High density, multi-frequency transducers provide excellent image quality in rugged field conditions or at the office.



  • full digital system

  • sharp and smooth H-res technology

  • 128-channel high resolution body

  • wide screen in a compact body

  • patient database function

  • moving image storage

  • compact body, easy to carry

The screen size of the HS2200 is 12.1 inches wide, bringing excellent visibility. The latest LCD technology makes it possible to have a wide 170° viewing angle and brilliant high contrast image. Scanned images and measurement results can be saved under database with easy operation.

All necessary functions come in one compact unit. The compact body is easy to carry so it is useful for not only clinic or hospital, but also for outside observation. The simple menu system is speedy for daily use.


Micro Convex Probe

  • HCS-452M

  • HCS-5712M

  • HCS-4710M


Micro Convex Probe

  • HCS-452M

  • HCS-5712M

  • HCS-4710M

  • HCS-5710MR

Convex Probe

  • HCS-536M

  • HCS-436M

Transvaginal Probe

  • HCS-5710MV

  • HCS-4710MV

Linear Probe

  • HLS-575M

  • HLS-475M

  • HLS-584M

  • HLS-513M

  • HLS-413


Brochure HS2200
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