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Honda Electronics: HS1600



The Honda HS1600 is a black and white, easy to carry, light, compact portable ultrasound scanner. The high performance LCD enhances visibility and diagnostic images are clearly projected even under the direct sunlight. With its simple button design, this device is as easy to use as it is effective. The 3-hour battery pack allows you to scan continuously anywhere, anytime.



  • compact body, easy to carry

  • highest image quality by H-res technology

  • both battery and AC power usable

  • high performance LCD usable in outdoors

  • easy key operation

  • variety of measurement functions

  • easy operation of image storage

  • convenient shoulder belt

The easy to carry light compact body of approximately 3kg reduces the user's physical strains during scanning in house and outdoors. The high luminance liquid crystal display with glass bonding treatment enhances visibility, diagnosis images are clearly projected even under the direct sunlight. The liquid crystal display does not get fogged even when temperatures and humidity varies rapidly. The integrated high performance lithium ion battery in the body realizes 3 hours use without power supply. Furthermore, the wide viewing angle liquid crystal display has 170° angle, both horizontally and vertically and makes free angle diagnosis possible in limited operating environments.


Micro Convex Probe

  • HCS-8712M

Convex Probe

  • HCS-736M

  • HCV-7710MV

Linear Probe

  • HLS-884M

T-shaped Probe

  • HLS-882MT

New! New! New!

HLS-882MT; a T-shaped probe (11.0/8.5/6.0 MHz, 15 mm + 25 mm) with linear array placed rectangle in T-shape, so traversal and longitudinal image can be obtained in real time. It helps puncture operator to understand the three dimensional image of blood vein or nerve line.


Brochure HS1600
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