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Honda Electronics: HS102V



The Honda HS102V is a black and white, solid-state digital system. This ultra-portable ultrasound scanner system weighs in at less than 2kg. The High Luminance LCD makes this the easiest to read ultra-portable available – visible in sunlight, with higher contrast and a wider viewing angle. With its simple button design, this device is as easy to use as it is effective. The 2-hour battery pack allows you to scan continuously anywhere, anytime.



  • portability

  • high luminance LCD

  • easy operation

  • battery

  • image storage

  • coil cord

Portability with shoulder belt allows total freedom of movement. The 1000 cd/m² LCD screen provides easy viewing, and the simple button design allows easy operation. The auto gain function eliminates tedious work adjusting images and the symmetric button design allows left or right handed operation.

Approximately 2 hours of battery operation allows continuous scanning anywhere, anytime.  Sixty still images can be stored, and memory function allows review of the stored images. USB port is standard.


Micro Convex Probe

  • HCS-152

  • HCS-1712

Convex Probe

  • HCS-136C


Rectal Probe

  • HLV-155


Brochure HS102V
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