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Hitachi-Aloka: ProSound F31



The Hitachi - Aloka ProSound F31 combines quality and affordability in a compact ultrasound platform. Its ergonomics ensure efficient user workflow with a sympathetic design that safeguards patients' confidence. The high performance capabilities and advanced system features enable the F31 to meet the requirements across a wide spectrum of clinical applications.



  • broadband harmonics

  • adaptive image processing

  • spatial compound imaging

  • free angular M-mode

  • extended field of view function

  • high frame rate zoom

  • dynamic slow-motion display

  • dual dynamic display

The F31 features advanced imaging functions such as broadband harmonics, adaptive image processing and spatial compound imaging. Anatomy can be displayed with outstanding sensitivity and resolution to reach a high level of imaging excellence. The free angular M-mode can be implemented in real time or reconstructed from the cine memory. Orientation at arbitrary angles allows for variation position, whereas blood flow mapping with eFLOW allows demonstration of vascularity with high spatial resolution and minimal blooming. With the extended field of view function, large structures or pathologies can be viewed on a single screen, whether the body contour is linear or curved. High fram rate zoom enables enlargement of a region of interest while maintaining a high frame rate. The dynamic slow-motion display offers detailed observation of fast moving structures such as the heart valves demonstrated with the real-time image alongside a slow motion counterpart. In addition, the real-time, simultaneous side-by-side display of the B-mode and flow image enable easy anatomical understanding in vascular examinations such as the carotid artery or lower extremities.

The monitor tilts and swivels through 330º, providing an optimal viewing angle for all applications and when folded, improves visibility and safety during transportation. With a 90º right and left rotation of the operating console, and height adjustment from as low as 70cm, the operator comfort is assured whatever the type of examination. The lightweight, compact platform body combined with its large wheels and a rear handle allow the operator to easily move the F31 around the clinic or hospital. The F31 console layout is very intuitive with commonly used control buttons placed together to easily fit under the pal, of your hand and single-action measurement activation speeds up examination times. The B-mode brightness is adjustable with a single keystroke as is automatic optimization of the spectral waveform, based on the users' previously demonstrated preferences. The auto angle correct function allows easy adjustments of beam-to-flow angle in the PW Doppler mode to significantly improve measurement accuracy.

Endocavity Probe

  • UST-672-5/7.5

  • UST-675P

  • UST-676P

  • UST-677P

  • UST-678

  • UST-9118

  • UST-9124

  • UST-984-5

3D/4D Probe

  • ASU-1010

  • ASU-1012

  • ASU-1014

Sector Specific Probe

  • UST-52105

  • UST-52124

  • UST-52126

  • UST-52127

  • UST-52129

  • UST-5296

  • UST-5298

  • UST-5299



Convex Probe

  • UST-9120U-3.5

  • UST-9115-5

  • UST-9123

  • UST-9127

  • UST-9130

  • UST-9133

  • UST-9136-U

  • UST-9147

  • UST-987-7.5

Linear Probe

  • UST-5412

  • UST-5413

  • UST-5415

  • UST-5417

  • UST-5419

  • UST-567

  • UST-568

  • UST-5712

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