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Hitachi-Aloka: Arietta V60


The Arietta V60 is equipped with multiple functions dedicated to each diagnostic field, supporting accurate and efficient diagnoses. It is a versatile and compact ultrasound system that can be moved easily from room to room. The monitor can be folded forward for safe transport, and includes an adjustable panel height for the most comfortable working environment. Furthermore, the Arietta V60 has an optimized operating panel layout that can be optimized to suit your needs.



  • can be easily moved and adjusted

  • efficient operating panel layout

  • auto optimizer feature

  • auto trace function of Doppler waveforms


The Arietta V60 can be moved easily without strain and the monitor can be folded forward to secure safe transport without obstructing your view. The panel height can be adjusted, offering a comfortable working environment in a natural posture whatever the clinical setting. The system can be adjusted from a low position of 70cm up to 100cm.

The operating panel layout is designed with efficient workflow in mind. Free customization of many keys is possible. Probe-dependent assignment of functions to controls offers optimum tailoring for each clinical situation. The two-way multi-rotary encoders offer intuitive operation, enabling the management of many functions in one control. The auto optimizer feature corrects many parameters with one key-stroke, instantaneously forming uniform, diagnostic-quality images. The auto trace function of Doppler waveforms supports exam efficiency significantly reducing the number of required key strokes.


Convex Probe

  • C251

  • C252

  • C35

  • C41

  • C42

Linear Probe

  • L34

  • L44

  • L441

  • L55

  • L64

Sector Specific Probe

  • S12

  • S121

  • S21

  • S221

  • S22

  • S31

  • S42


3D/4D Probe

  • VC34

  • VC41V

  • VL54

Endocavity Probe

  • C41B

  • C21L47RP

  • C41RP

  • C41RP

  • C41V1

  • CC41R

  • CC41R1

  • CL4416R

  • R41R

  • R41RL

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