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Hitachi-Aloka: ProSound Alpha 6



The Hitachi - Aloka ProSound Alpha 6 is powerful and versatile, yet compact and friendly. The system is packed with functions which are useful and easy to use.



  • broadband harmonics

  • directional eFLOW

  • image optimizer

  • adaptive image processing for speckle noise reduction

  • advanced 3D/4D functions

  • user friendly economic design

Harmonic imaging by Broadband Harmonics technology delivers sensitivity and resolution comparable to those of fundamental imaging. In addition to reducing side lobes and multiple echoes, more detailed image information and much higher penetration in deeper areas are achieved. Directional eFlow features enhanced spatial and time resolution for greater detail. The image optimizer optimizes the brightness of the entire B-mode image. The user is freed from frequent image adjustments during examination, resulting in enhanced examination efficiency. AIP clearly displays differences in tissues, reducing speckle noise while maintaining the frame rate. It can also display outlines more clearly by selectively emphasizing boundaries. Advanced 3D/4D functions include multi-planar reconstruction, 3D automated volume measurement, multi slice imaging, flow 3D and freehand 3D.

The ProSound alpha 6 has a user friendly ergonomic design, a height adjustable operation panel and swivel LCD monitor, patient friendly short examination time and is environment friendly (low power consumption and ecology-conscious materials). Furthermore, it is a lightweight system with high mobility.


Convex Probe

  • UST-9120U-3.5

  • UST-9115-5

  • UST-9123

  • UST-9127

  • UST-9130

  • UST-9133

  • UST-9136-U

  • UST-9147

  • UST-987-7.5

Linear Probe

  • UST-5412

  • UST-5413

  • UST-5415

  • UST-5417

  • UST-5419

  • UST-567

  • UST-568

  • UST-5712

Endocavity Probe

  • UST-672-5/7.5

  • UST-675P

  • UST-676P

  • UST-677P

  • UST-678

  • UST-9118

  • UST-9124

  • UST-984-5

3D/4D Probe

  • ASU-1010

  • ASU-1012

  • ASU-1014

Sector Specific Probe

  • UST-52105

  • UST-52124

  • UST-52126

  • UST-52127

  • UST-52129

  • UST-5296

  • UST-5298

  • UST-5299


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