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Hitachi-Aloka: Arietta Prologue



Arietta Prologue is portable ultrasound system with an intuitive and simple operation. It supports a broad range of examinations and, with its compact hand-carry design, can be used in a variety of different settings. Its use can be extended by combining it with the cart or the probe tray. The Arietta Prologue offers superior imaging quality and is equipped with functions that improve efficiency and support rapid, accurate diagnosis when and where needed.



  • compact design and high mobility

  • full smart operation

  • high quality imaging and advanced functions

An essential attribute is the compact design offering great functionality: rapid boot time, in-built battery for portability, all providing you with fast access to diagnostic quality imaging wherever you need it. The monitor incorporates a full touch panel offering intuitive operation with no complicated setting up. An optimal preset can be selected simply by indicating the icon for the appropriate body part, body size and organ for study, or select a previously acquired image and the system will adjust to the same exam settings, invaluable support for follow-up studies.

Using advanced image processing technologies, the Arietta Prologue offers image clarity and a wide field of view. These technologies include silky image processing, spatial compounding, trapezoid, eFLOW, needle emphasis and auto IMT.


Convex Probe

  • C251

  • C252

  • C35

  • C41

  • C42

Linear Probe

  • L34

  • L44

  • L441

  • L55

  • L64

Sector Specific Probe

  • S12

  • S121

  • S21

  • S221

  • S22

  • S31

  • S42


3D/4D Probe

  • VC34

  • VC41V

  • VL54

Endocavity Probe

  • C41B

  • C21L47RP

  • C41RP

  • C41RP

  • C41V1

  • CC41R

  • CC41R1

  • CL4416R

  • R41R

  • R41RL

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