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Hitachi-Aloka: Noblus



The Hitachi - Aloka Noblus is a versatile diagnostic ultrasound platform that can be easily adapted to the workplace. With its premium features and large user-friendly display, Noblus provides the performance needed for a wide variety of clinical imaging irrespective of the exam location.



  • real time elastography

  • fine flow

  • dual CFM

  • trapezoid

  • patient dependent compensation

  • contrast harmonic imaging

The conveniently compact Noblus ultrasound system is equipped with UltraBE, a broadbeam engine that is typically found in high end ultrasound systems. This advanced ultrasound specific digital signal and beamform processing provides superior affordable imaging.

The Noblus has a high definition screen display, providing a clean crisp image quality. It has a quick response, user friendly interface with easy touchscreen capabilities, tab menus and an intuitive keyboard to increase workflow. Furthermore, it is customizable to meet specific needs.

Data can be stored and reviewed past exam to allow the user to view for side by side comparison with current exams. The compact, portable, ergonomically designed cart is easy to transport whether it be from room to room or office to office.


Convex Probe

  • EUP-C532

  • EUP-C715

Linear Probe

  • EUP-L52

  • EUP-L53L

  • EUP-L73S

  • EUP-L74M

  • EUP-L75

Endocavity Probe

  • C41V

  • C41V1

  • EUP-CC531S

  • EUP-R54AW-19

  • EUP-R54AW-33

  • EUP-U533

  • EUP-V53W

  • EUP-V73W

3D/4D Probe

  • EUP-CV724

  • EUP-LV74

  • EUP-VV531

  • VC34A


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