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Draminski BLUE



Modern ultrasound scanner with excellent Doppler ultrasonography and high quality imaging. Designed to diagnose small animals and horses.


STANDBY AND OPERATING TIME : The veterinary ultrasound scanner is ready to operate after 25 seconds. The built-in battery provides up to 2.5-h convenient operation with no power supply connection needed.

OPERATION IS SIMPLER THAN EVER : Active fields allow quick standard parameter setting. Measure the distance immediately after freezing the image – no additional menu needed. Entering a patient’s data before an ultrasound examination is not necessary. This can be done while saving the first image.

3 DOPPLER IMAGING MODES : The veterinary scanner has three Doppler imaging modes: Color Doppler, Power Doppler, Pulse Wave Doppler. The technology allows examining blood flow in blood vessels.

REPLACEABLE PROBE SYSTEM : If the probe needs to be replaced during an ultrasound examination, the system will detect the new one automatically.

Probes available:

  • Convex R60 / 3,5 MHz

  • Convex R50 / 5 MHz

  • Linear L40 / 10 MHz

  • Microconvex R15 / 6,5 MHz

  • P-probe R20 / 6,5 MHz

  • Linear rectal probe L60 / 7 MHz

  • OPU R11 / 6,5 MHz.

MULTITASKING : Whether it is a quick emergency screening of a patient or an accurate ultrasound diagnostics in orthopaedic surgery, BLUE will always be there, ready for new challenges.

LIGHT DESING : Let other compromise. We have applied solutions that allow using the latest technology in the veterinary ultrasound scanner weighing 4 kg only.

LARGE TOUCH SCREEN : The 12″ LED LCD display guarantees a successful diagnosis. The features are controlled via a sensitive touch panel. Quick and easy operation.

WARRANTY : The DRAMIŃSKI BLUE veterinary ultrasound scanner has a two-year warranty.


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