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Ultrasound Solutions WVA

Expert Ultrasound Services and Support in Europe
With more than 30 years of experience, we can offer you excellent support in the purchase as well as in the maintenance of your ultrasound equipment. As no veterinary or medical setting is the same, we offer a wide variety of ultrasound products, to be able to fulfill your specific needs.
The founder of the company, Wim Van Assche, started working in the medical veterinary field in 1989. In the 90’s, he ran a medical distribution company with five divisions: consumer products, X-ray, ultrasound, anesthesia and endoscopy. In 2008, he sold his company to Animal Care Group Ecuphar, in which he was an employee for the next four years. After a sabbatical, in 2014, he started his new company WVA Solutions. Because of his long and good relations with Hitachi-Aloka (1991), ECM (1994) and Honda (2015), WVA Solutions can provide a broad offer of high quality ultrasound equipment in different price ranges. The ultimate goal is to obtain the same quality in the low-end as in the high-end price ranges. One of the steps in realizing this was the development of the special new microconvex Honda probe HCS-572M for use in small animals.
This website provides an overview of ultrasound solutions for veterinary and medical settings. We offer portable and cart-based ultrasound products for small animals, farm animals and equine animals. Furthermore, we offer portable and cart-based ultrasound products for use in general medicine and physiotherapy.
For more information about our products and services, please contact us.
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